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Экономика | 29 августа 2011 года, 12:09

Учитывая тенденции на рынке сырья, осенью на многие продукты вырастет цена, сообщила свой прогноз руководитель Центра содействия сельскохозяйственному рынку (ЦССР) Ингуна Гулбе.

"Стоимость общемирового импорта продовольствия на сегодня увеличилась на 21% и таким образом выросла с 517,28 миллиардов латов до 629 миллиардов латов. Цены на какао, например, достигли своего максимума за последние 33 года, и причина тому - спекуляции брокеров на лондонской бирже", - рассказала Гулбе.

"Также в начале года резко выросли цены на молочные продукты, увеличился спрос на азиатский импорт. Все эти события серьезно повлияют на рост цен на продовольственные продукты в Латвии во всех магазинах уже этой осенью", - добавила эксперт.

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called5 лет назад
"Quick Woolrich Men Parkas! Get on the car! " She drove to his presence, a feet trample brake.

In the police did not come before night holding a proud with only a tree want to stop attacks his bullets, of course, some difficult.

And the night holding a proud YiZheng slightly, he did not expect her to prove his "strong"?

In the night of holding a proud, of course, is no need to make such as enron woman to save him, but, at this time, with her and him as the center, seems to form a magnetic field, the magnetic field will they surrounded, let he is willing to be her "save" a.

He flies out, a feet chuai opened the rear window, a beautiful curvet, people have been in xu enron's the car.

"Boom boom --"

There are two shot, and in the hui enron's the car, spark scattered.

"Drive Woolrich Women Jackets! " Proud night qing ordered, in a whisper.

He saw that she is the one who holds the steering wheel hand and nervous is stiff, and knuckles white is blue, but don't know her feet and haven't the strength to step on the gas?

Xu enron see attack people followed up not to put, she press down the bottom of my heart HuangRan, a feet to throttle stepped on bottom, the car look like a shell leaving a rifle bullet flying general MAO out.

Night holding a proud eyes slightly narrowed, but heard behind his assistant MuYa in cried woolrich outlet online out his: "two master, how are you doing? "

Him through the rear window and saw MuYa has open car followed by xu enron's car, and a more than her momentum, in MuYa think, night holding a proud now on a car the unexplained car, of course, is more dangerous.

Holding a night out proud mobile phone: "I'm ok. Go to check who is done. "

"It is woolrich parka arctic! The second young master. " MuYa no longer keep up with, but turned the direction to find who ate the leopard dare in sweet city attacks are called "evil queen" in the night's second young master.
The fireflies5 лет назад
At night, a stranger came into the room of the fireflies. In the cold moonlight, the man silver hair rack up, perfect profile, high stand nose beams, deep purple eyes, sending out not with mortal temperament, a white more temperament and free from vulgarity, just like a fairy called.
"Who Isabel marant boots are you? " The fireflies the calm asked, even if the people grow is not general handsome, but for this midnight ran to her room, soak up the the fireflies is not favorable.
"Hum". Mystery man smiled coldly. "A ruined your looks upon the princess, exactly is what magic can make complex African dynasty most white-headed four prince stoop to drop expensive come to me? "
"Yin tai is to call you? " The firefly suddenly thought of the Yin tai yesterday to say to want to let a Isabel marant sneakers person with heterodoxy way to let her to stand up, he is the swings.
"Even if he is a prince, also does not have the qualifications can please have to move me. I come because I want to come, I
Want to see a hatred of the erosion of the soul is locked in the body could not move is how painful struggle? Ha ha Isabel marant sneakers. "Mysterious man make a harsh laughter.
"What do you want? " The fireflies obviously is the man in front of him Isabel marant sandals irritated.
blame you too beautiful5 лет назад
Xu enron perceive night holding a proud than she was angry, she knew that rile him, oneself also does not have the good life, but, she couldn't control my temper, finally, she take a deep breath a sigh of relief after, continued: "night holding a proud, can we transposition thinking, if your life someone to give you something, you want to get something for nothing? "

"Xu enron, I never get something for nothing, but, you will understand one thing, you are my woman, I give you want position, make you future plain sailing, and you will be accepted. " moncler doudoune homme Proud night qing cold channel.

Is it? As long as it is he gave, whether to play with her or pet her, she will completely accept, right?

How come she forget it, forget her identity, she is his woman.

"But I'm not used to rely on others! " Xu enron blurt out.

Others moncler doudoune? The two words let the night holding a proud eyes narrowed his, he is her others, and he is when she is his woman, this is treat each other each other the identity of the head.

Night holding a proud heart anger higher, as rising more, he has always been to his temper charge control freely, and xu enron has provoked his emotional nerve.

"You can not depend on me, but you, but only in my control range. " Proud night qing sound ray cold and moncler soldes deep. "For those who pretend to your man, I'd a one beat them, and you, can only blame you too beautiful. " moncler manteau homme