Канадка создала серию снимков со спящими в обнимку младенцем и собакой, Mixnews.lv

Канадка создала серию снимков со спящими в обнимку младенцем и собакой (2)


Калейдоскоп | 20 июля 2016 года, 10:50

Живущая в Канаде фотограф Элизабет Спенс (Elizabeth Spence) создала серию снимков, на которых запечатлела спящих в обнимку младенца и собаку. На аккаунт в социальной сети Instagram, куда женщина загружает кадры с ними, подписались около 40 тысяч человек.

Спенс регулярно фотографирует своего ребенка и питомицу, которые спят в одной кровати. Как сообщает Mashable, собака по кличке Нора, всегда ложится рядом с восьмимесячным младенцем Арчи во время его дневного сна.

Jedi training is such exhausting work! . Forgive me for this post, but it's been a pretty big week for our family. We are HUGE Star Wars fans and after a long wait the kids finally got to see the latest instalment - the Force Awakens - on DVD. Equally awesome was the release of the trailer for Rogue One! I can't even begin to express how exciting this is for me. I saw the original Star Wars episodes 4,5 & 6 in the theatre as a kid (yes, I am that old!) and can recall being terrified that I might die before the next instalments were released. Well, episodes 1,2 & 3 were disappointing (sorry George), but episode 7 is exactly what I had yearned for the past 30 years! What a blast it has been to share this cherished series with my kids. My eldest son's face when he found out Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's dad? PRICELESS!! I can't wait to relive that again with Archie over here1. Have you had a similar experience sharing a childhood treasure with your kids? . FUJI-XT1 #nappingwithnora

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Remi and Archie. 'Close' doesn't even begin to describe these them #WHPgetclose #nappingwithremington . Fujifilm-XT1

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По словам Спенс, они с мужем забрали Нору из местного приюта по спасению животных семь лет назад.

«Я стала замечать сильную связь между Норой и Арчи четыре месяца назад», — сказала Спенс, которая с тех пор начала фотографировать малыша вместе с собакой.

I think Remington might be getting a little jealous of the attention Nora has been receiving lately, as this morning she made sure to be first in line for morning cuddles with Archie. Archie seems pretty happy either way . For those of you unfamiliar with Remington, she's Nora's daughter. When Nora was surrendered to a rescue shelter seven years ago, she was pregnant with a litter of pups. Remington is one of those pups! We had the great fortune to adopt Remington this past January and reintroduce her to her mama when her original adoptive family was no longer able to keep her due to a change in life circumstances. She is as kind, loyal and loving as her mama and we are so happy to have her in our family and to be able to show yet again what amazing animals rescue dogs are! #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop . PS - some of you have expressed concern about Remington's weight in some past photos. Rest easy. Remington has a recently diagnosed severe food intolerance. She's on a special, strict new diet and her weight has been increasing dramatically, as I think this photo attests. Thanks for caring! Fujifilm-XT1

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Archie and Nora would like to say thank you to everyone for all the love and kindness you've shown them in recent days and give a warm welcome to our new followers! They're busy napping, however, so I'll do so on their behalf . For those not already aware, we got our girl Nora, an English Pointer, from @fundsfurfriends, a local rescue shelter, seven years ago prior to having kids. Despite having come from an abusive situation her sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came. She absolutely did not disappoint! . We now have three kids, three rescue dogs (all from @fundsfurfriends) and three rescue cats and Nora gets along famously with all of them, particularly our youngest son, eight-month old Archie. Nora and Archie have such a strong bond that I began photographing their daily interactions and the supervised communal naps that they (and sometimes Nora's pup Remington) take together to show what amazing pets most rescue animals are and to encourage others to consider giving them a chance at love, too! #nappingwithnora #adoptdontshop . Fujifilm-XT1 #fujifilm_Xseries #myfujifilm

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Помимо снимков с Норой, Спенс также снимает Арчи вместе с остальными домашними питомцами, которых семья также забрала из приютов.

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