Гражданство в порядке натурализации получили 219 человек (3)


Общество | 10 апреля 2012 года, 21:06

Правительство в порядке натурализации предоставило гражданство Латвии 219 жителям страны, в том числе пяти детям, сообщает радио MixFM 102,7.

71% новых граждан по национальности русские, 9% - украинцы, 10% - белорусы, остальные - поляки, литовцы. Среди жителей, получивших гражданство, 24% имеют основное, 57% - среднее, 17% - высшее образование.

Латвийское гражданство в порядке натурализации с 1995 года предоставлено 138 234 жителям страны.

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seoersong6 лет назад

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seoerbin6 лет назад

The United States and its allies also warned that they would take the country to the United Nations Security Council for a censure and Red Bottom Outlet probably further tighten sanctions already imposed on North Korea for its previous missile tests. Kobe Bryant Shoes

At the same time, monitors were checking for signs the North might be preparing to conduct its third nuclear test. South Korean monitors recently had warned Red Bottom Shoesof seeing activity that suggested preparations at a site near the northeastern tip of Nike Kobe Shoes the country where its other tests were conducted.

The rocket launch alone represented a belligerent statement by North Korea and its new leader, 2012 Red Bottom ShoesKim Jong-un, that he intended to follow a path of international defiance laid by his late father, Kim Jong-il and grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

seoersong6 лет назад

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