Жириновский предсказал третью мировую войну летом 2012 года (2)


В мире | 23 февраля 2012 года, 16:45

Кандидат в президенты РФ Владимир Жириновский, выступая на митинге в его поддержку, заявил, что летом этого года может начаться третья мировая война. После того, как "сомнут" Сирию, удар придется на Иран, считает политик.

"Этим воспользуется Азербайджан, чтобы захватить снова Нагорный Карабах. Армения выступит против, Турция - на стороне Азербайджана. Вот так могут нашу страну летом 2012 года втянуть в войну", - сказал Жириновский.

Организаторов митинга ЛДПР, который собрал 3,5 тысячи сторонников Владимира Жириновского, могут оштрафовать за превышение численности участников. Об этом сообщает столичная полиция.

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March to War & Collapse

May period, and this morning's headlines sure don't give us much reason to back away from that expectation. True, the jobless filings were holding at four-year lows in this morning's report:

In the week ending February 18, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 351,000, unchanged from the previous week's revised figure of 351,000. The 4-week moving average was 359,000, a decrease of 7,000 from the previous week's revised average of 366,000.

But on the other side of it, pressure continues to build globally on the financial side of things. I am thinking that a nice kick-off to utter economic collapse would be those 117 banks which are on the verge of review being officially told the review is coming might kick things off. That one has the potential to cause all the major banks playing derivatives roulette to have to put up collateral for even generic interest rates swaps...and who's got the money for that?


The report that dozens have been killed in widespread attacks across Iraq has me again scratching my bald spot wondering "What exactly did waste 10-years and countless lives over there for, again?

All this will be touted and screamed to get gasoline up to $6 a gallon shortly, despite there being something like 90-million barrels of crude at sea (and anchor). Head-trippin' the public. Check.

At least in Afghanistan, the match-point is heroin, and so we kinda know why two NATO soldiers died overnight there.

Which leaves only the questions of Syria and Iran to focus on. The sides are squaring off over Syria with Iran sending in a destroyer and supply ship last week and now old Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is sending them gasoline. And the Russians have "advisors" there, so all it takes is a match.

And in Iran (say sources in Jerusalem, like the J Post, it's only a matter of time (we hear 60-90 days) before Iran could build a crude uranium bomb.

My first item on my task list this morning is to call my insurance outfit and ask them if there's a radiation rider we could buy...

Politics 101?

So a while back we were telling you how despite a pretty good case otherwise, the state of Georgia has decided to let the Barak Obama fellow's name be on the ballot there.

Fast forward to approval of an $8.3 billion condition grant to build the first nuke plant in the US in 30-years.

No, I'm not claiming a causal relationship. I'm simply holding up a couple of data points and saying "Hmmm...."

A Huge, Decades-Long Conspiracy?

Worth reading (and watching the video of the speech British lord James of Blackheath" which claims there's a $15-trillion dollar fraud afoot and, according to the Gordon Duff article at Veteran's Today, guess whose Fed is knee deep in this?

Normally, we'd be included to dismiss such a report, but just last week we had a reports out of Italy that $6-trillion in US bonds was confiscated. While the MSM says they are fake...I'm wondering aloud now "Hmmm...really?" And how would the signing for lots of $5-tillion in and out of banks (and it's claimed the Fed) be "faked"? My news nose knows news...and so far the picture is still disjointed. But as pieces come together, allegations of mystery money going back to the Reagan era have been around for years. What's different this time is there may be some documentation coming out...and which (republicorp) family dynasty in the White House was involved, go claims?

Half Skating

Report from the Heritage Foundation says almost half of Americas don't pay income tax.. 4.95%.

Now, on the surface their recommendations (remove welfare and entitlements, curb DC spending, and encourage more community aid) all sound good. But THE ROOT of the problems of America are we were sold a bill of goods, and our former employment bas gone to India and China, and t
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Жирик, ты прям бы есчо на мою днюху намекнул 8 мая ))