Модель plus-size призывает женщин гордиться своим телом

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Woman | 26 мая 2017 года, 12:25

Британская plus-size модель Искра Лоуренс опубликовала на своей странице в соцсети Instagram снимок в купальнике. В подписи к кадру девушка призвала женщин гордиться своим телом.

26-летняя Лоуренс указала в подписи, что женщинам не следует истязать себя, пить таблетки для похудения, чтобы хорошо выглядеть в бикини летом. Главное для манекенщицы, радоваться своему телу, каким бы оно ни было. «Не важно, как вы выглядите. У вас есть право бегать по пляжу в любой одежде», — отметила она.

Hoping most of u already know this as I've been saying it quite a while now... EveryBODY is a bikiniBODY a summerBODY and all the rest of the bodies we are told we must have in order to enjoy ourselves on the beach. We were only told we had to look a certain way or have a certain type of body so that we would try that new diet pill, buy that new product or wear something slimming... what a load of garbage. I won't be working out more or eating less to prepare for my holiday next week - I'm good thanks, I'm gonna get excited for packing cute clothes, researching the destination & practising a few lines of a new language. No matter what you look like, you have full right to run around on the beach wearing whatever you damn well want. Life's experiences are for YOU and they are happening right now every single day. We have these bodies because they're our homes they let us breathe in that yummy salty ocean aroma, watch the waves roll in and feel the sand between our toes. That's what I hope we are feeling on the beach. This is your home 365days a year it doesn't need to change for a season, or change into a manufactured illusion to wear a swimsuit. F that. BE YOU, #everyBODYisbeautiful Thank you @aerie for never retouching me & loving this suit

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